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        Dyna LED Self Illuminating LED

        Dyna LED Self Illuminating LED
        Dyna LED Self Illuminating LED
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        Product Code : n5
        Brand Name : NSK
        Product Description


        • Works 22W torque by Dual Air Jet
        • Steel body
        • Cellular Glass Optic – illumination for better view
        • Ceramic Bearings – Quieter Operation & Longer Life
        • Clean Head System for enhanced infection control
        • Quattro Water Spray – Optimum Cooling & Uninterrupted Visibility
        • Ergopnomic Arc Line Body
        • Optic

        Clinical Features:

        • Clean head system (NSK hand pieces): is a special mechanism designed to automatically prevent entry of oral fluids & other contaminants into the hand piece head, prolonging life of bearings
        • Integrated Shaft Bearings-for smooth & quiet long dental procedures ensures consistent cutting
        • Dual Air jet: generates high power by propelling the turbine blades to achieve more rotating momentum
        • Quattro water spray - which cools effectively the entire operating field
        • Cellular glass optics- this rod delivers light in oral cavity exactly where needed

        Product Applications:

        • Used for holding various disks, cups, or burs, used to prepare a tooth to receive a restoration or to contour, clean, or polish a tooth or restoration

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